So you do not jinx yourself or tempt fate.   Knock two pieces of firewood together.

If it sounds dull it is green.

If it rings it is seasoned and if it sings (higher pitch), it is kiln dried.

You do not have to “knock on wood” if you see multiple cracks on the ends.  That means it is properly seasoned.  You will not necessarily see cracks on the ends of kiln dried firewood, but you will notice it is definitely lighter in weight.  You will see a big difference when it burns…lots of flame!

If you have never experienced burning kiln dried firewood, you are in for a treat.  My first observation was it burned like it was soaked in an accelerant.  More flames than usual.  More up-front BTU’s.  It burns faster than seasoned firewood.  Each log burns independently of the others – meaning no contributing heat or flame is needed from the other logs to make good flames.  You might say it burns more successfully and requires less maintenance with your fireplace poker.

So, get some kiln dried firewood or kindling – “knock on wood” and listen for that singing sound.  You will be happy when you hear it.

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